Volume 6, Number 1


Wesley Imms

Understanding the relationship between disciplinary cultures, leadership styles, and ‘Creativity climates’ 
in the university setting
Ottavia , Enkhbold Chuluunbaatar, 
Shiann-Far Kung, Ding-Bang Luh

Emotions aesthetics education: Dilemmas related to students’ commitment in education for sustainable development
Eva Österlind

Carlson’s law and education: Using dreams to 
teach the next generation
William R. Stimson

Assessing the aesthetic: Narratives from 
drama education
Rachael Jacobs

Crossing boundaries: Using fact and 
fiction in adult learning
Jacki Cartlidge

Welcome to the first issue of JACE for 2012.  In keeping with an established trend for this journal, articles in this issue present an international conversation about creative approaches to arts and education.